International Insurance for Students, Trainees, Research Assistants and Researchers

Are you looking for an insurance solution for your stay abroad? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Akademis offers a unique carefree package for everyone who travels abroad for a long time – without time limit. Be it for an exchange semester, an internship, an intermediate year or a research stay. We have the proven complete solution at the lowest price.

Comprehensive – The carefree package
International health insurance (sickness and accident)
Accident capital
Luggage and household insurance
Personal liability

Together with our service partner expatpartners ag, we have put together the perfect carefree package for students, trainees, research assistants, researchers and postdocs for stays abroad – your’comprehensive’ foreign insurance.
Comprehensive’ insurance coverage is available in two versions:

Comprehensive full cover

Once as full insurance (full cover), i.e. the health insurance cover covers the full costs of medical treatment as part of the benefit description.

Comprehensive Top Up

Or as supplementary insurance (top-up). Here Social insurance benefits are added (only possible for social insurance benefits from the countries AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, EE, FR, LI, LU, NL). With this’top-up’ option, benefits must first be billed by the relevant social insurance company. Non-remunerated benefits (but not statutory deductibles) can then be claimed via the’top-up’ insurance. The issue of social security coverage is complex, different in each country and depends on many factors. In addition, the entire billing procedure is complex and takes a very long time.
We therefore generally recommend full cover insurance .

Both variants meet EACEA* requirements for Erasmus Mundus Action.

For most questions we have an answer at FAQ. The documents also provide detailed information on all services, conditions and the billing process. If you still have questions or if something is unclear, you are welcome to contact our specialists for insurance solutions abroad with many years of experience:

Mr Ralph Endres
Specialist for international insurance solutions, more

Phone: +41 44 280 68 68

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*Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency of the European Commission