Akademis – Your independent insurance and financial platform

What does Akademis offer?

Akademis is your independent insurance and financial platform that specializes in meeting the needs of academics and people with higher education.

Covering special needs
With a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PHD degree, special needs arise:
– increased mobility
– late entry into the social security system
– high professional specialisation
Needs, which “normal” providers take little account of. Akademis does!

Delivering outstanding solutions
Akademis constantly examines the insurance and financial industry market. Negotiations with and maintenance of product suppliers result in a portfolio tailored to your needs:
– price advantages
– performance advantages
– audited suppliers
– simple handling
– transparent solutions
We know your needs from thousands of customer dossiers. Akademis covers them!

Needs analysis and recommendation
With some information about your situation, we can analyse your needs and make a direct recommendation.
– individually
– directly online

Origin + Motivation

Akademis is a Zurich-based company founded in 2011 by ETH graduates and experts. Based on their own experience, many providers do not pay enough attention to the specific needs of academics when it comes to insurance and finance.
Akademis responds precisely to these specific needs and offers products with discounts and performance benefits for academics and people with higher education. Complementary services round off the offer.


Akademis follows the following three guiding principles:
– The focus is on the customer and his needs.
– With us, ‘quality’ comes before ‘price’.
– We are innovative and constantly evolving.