Information obligation of the insurance intermediary
Switzerland (CH): Insurance Supervision Act (ISA) Art. 45

Identity and address of your insurance broker
Company: Akademis GmbH, Badenerstrasse 329, CH-8003 Zurich, Registration number: 30577
Broker: Roger Nägeli, Badenerstrasse 329, CH-8003 Zurich, Registration number: 30707

The entry in the register can be checked on the Internet. Ordering a written confirmation of registration may be subject to a fee in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Register inspection:
Contact point: Federal Office of Private Insurance FOPI, Schwanengasse 2, CH-3003 Bern

From whom do the offered insurance cover come or do contractual relationships exist?
We have concluded or are seeking remuneration agreements with the following companies, which cover all classes of insurance offered by the respective insurer and for which we receive the brokerage fees customary in the market. There are no economic or personnel ties between Akademis GmbH as an insurance intermediary and the following companies.

ACE Versicherungen AG GVB Privatversicherungen AG sanavals
Agilia Helsana Sanitas
AMB Appenzeller Versicherungen Helvetia Versicherungen SLKK
AQUILANA Baden Innova Versicherungen
Assista Rechtsschutz AG Klug Krankenversicherung Sodalis
Assura KMU Krankenversicherung Solida
Atupri Gesundheitsversicherung Kolping Stoffel
Avenir KPT CPT Sumiswalder
AXA Versicherungen AG Krankenkasse Birchmeier Supra
Basler Versicherungen Krankenkasse Steffisburg SUVA
Branchen Versicherung Schweiz Krankenkasse Wädenswil Swica
Caisse-maladie Vallee dEntremont Luzerner Hinterland Swiss Life
CAP Rechtsschutz Versicherungen AG Sympany
Cardif Versicherungen Nationale Suisse Versicherungen Vaudoise Générale
Concordia ÖKK Versicherung der Schweizer Ärzte
CSS Versicherung AG Orion Rechtsschutz Visana
Dextra Pax Leben Visperterminen
EGK Elips Life Provita Vita surselva
Emmental Flaachtal Publisana XL Insurance Switzerland Ltd
Galenos Rhenusana Zenith Life
Groupe Mutuel Assurances Sanagate Zürich Versicherungsgesellschaft

Who can be held liable for negligence, errors or incorrect information
Of course it is our declared goal that the recommendations and information are correct and that no mistakes are made. Should an error nevertheless occur, we will immediately endeavour to rectify the matter. If necessary, the intermediary or insurer offering the insurance product concerned may be held liable.

How is personal information processed and retained?
Akademis GmbH and the insurer may retain or exchange contract and contract processing data to the required extent and pass on data to third parties involved in contract processing in Germany and abroad, in particular to co-insurers and reinsurers, as well as to domestic and foreign companies of their group for processing. Akademis GmbH and the insurer use this data in particular for risk clarification, for the processing of insurance claims and for statistical evaluations. The data is stored physically and/or electronically.

The insurer may report to a central information system in the event of suspicion of pecuniary or documentary offences and in the event that it withdraws from the contract due to fraudulent justification of an insurance claim. Furthermore, Akademis GmbH and the insurer can obtain relevant information from official bodies and other third parties, for example on the course of the damage or in connection with the conclusion of the contract, the execution of the contract or any insured event.

In the case of personal insurance policies and occupational or company pension contracts, the attending physicians, hospitals and other third parties may also provide the insurer or their medical service with all information required in connection with the insurance application and contract processing. These persons are expressly exempted from the duty of confidentiality for this purpose. This applies irrespective of the conclusion of the insurance contract.

The policyholder and the insured person have the right to request the information required by law from both the insurer and Akademis GmbH regarding the processing of the data concerning them.