<p>health insurance</p>

In addition to the price, the focus is above all on performance. Akademis therefore constantly examines the health insurer market and selects its providers according to positive experiences and specific customer needs.

At Akademis you will find the right thing for the small purse, the family or the service-oriented customer – always with the certainty that you are choosing the best for yourself.

hecked and selected according to your needs
Excellent performance
direct switching possible
17 health insurances, 2 with special discounts
logo-atupri 10% discount* on supplementary insurance:
Denta (-10%)
Mivita (-10%)
Comforta semi-private and Opti (-10%)
Comforta private (-10%)
innova-logo up to 35% discount* for non-smokers:
sanvita plus one.
sanvita plus two
sanvitaplus switch

* Discounts are subject to FINMA approval and cannot be guaranteed.